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Text Manipulation Converter


    Text Manipulation binding converters perform a variety of operations on text values. Uses include:

    • Formatting names such as setting the first letter of each name to uppercase:
      john doe --> John Doe
    • Adding text before or after text entered by a user

    The following image shows an example of how one might use the Text Manipulation converter:





    Adds new text before or after the converter input.


    Adds new text both before and after the converter input.
    For example, with it you can build a URL comprised of an input enclosed between the server address and a file extension.

    Item at

    Gets the item at a specified index from the converter input. Items are identified by the selected separator. For example, by using a space as the separator, you can extract a word from a sentence.


    Replaces all instances of specified text with new text.


    Extracts a substring from the original text. For example, extract the first 30 characters from the original text.

    To lowercase

    Converts the original text to lowercase letters.

    To uppercase

    Converts the original text to uppercase letters.