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Date Format Converter


    The Date Format converter enables you to change how a date is displayed. You can specify both the format and the language.

    One common use of the Date Format converter is to treat the Clock Interface Asset as a source for the current time. Customize formatting for the Clock's Complete date time property and display the output.

    Note: You need to keep the Clock with the English language set for that converter to work properly. You can then change this converter's language property to get the final result in the desired language.




    • Format: Specifies the format to use for the conversion. See the next section below for how to specify a format.
    • Language: Specifies the language to be used.

    Format Samples

    The Date Format converter uses the Moment.js library. You can find the whole list of supported formats here.

    The following graphic summarizes the most common formats. The middle "Format" column displays what you would enter for the Format parameter.