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Binding - Trigger Parameter to Property

To understand how this particular binding concept works, consider the following scenario.

IntuiFace generates a random number and then asks the user to guess it by selecting a corresponding onscreen item. To determine whether the correct item was selected, the following trigger is used: "When [the randomly generated number] is selected, then [do something]." The trigger parameter "[the randomly generated number]" gets its value, through binding, from the Result property of the Random From List Interface Asset.

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  • Properties values in the 'from' part of the binding panel are always displayed in a textual form. This means, for example, that colors are represented by hexadecimal values - e.g.. #FFFFFFF instead of "white".
  • Parameters of triggers in the following trigger categories are not available for binding
    • Gestures
    • Input tags
    • Timers
    • "Current index" for collections