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Scratch Card

The Scratch Card asset - available in the Design Accelerators panel - can be thought of as an image whose contents can be erased with a finger. By placing the Scratch Card asset on top of another asset, you create an interactive reveal.

NOTE: The Scratch Card asset is not supported on IntuiFace Player for Android iPad or Samsung SSP.



See our list of common properties for details about properties shared by all asset types.

Content & Container

  • Scratch Card   the image you want to be scratched away

Scratch Card


  • Brush size   size of the brush measured as the number of pixels. It is on a scale of 0 (no brush at all) to 100 (100 pixel-wide brush).
  • Brush hardness   the "depth" of each scratch. It is on a scale of 0 (no depth at all) to 1 (all the way through the Scratch Card image)

Triggers and Actions

See Triggers Overview and Actions Overview for details about triggers and actions shared in common by multiple asset types.

The screenshots below illustrate the set of triggers and actions specific to the Scratch Card asset (click to zoom)