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Deep Zoom Asset


    NOTE: Deep Zoom asset is only supported on Windows devices.

    IntuiFace supports Microsoft Deep Zoom images produced using the following settings in Deep Zoom Composer:

    • Output type: Silverlight Deep Zoom
    • Export Options: Export as a composition (single image)


    When importing a Deep Zoom image into Composer, select the file dzc_output.xml. Composer will import the associated image files found in the dzc_output_files folder.

    You can import the Deep Zoom file used in the above animated gif.
    Download it here

    Important note concerning Deep Zoom images

    The Container style property must be set to Static or Pin to allow users to explore the Deep Zoom image.

    Properties,Triggers & Actions


    See our list of common properties for details about properties shared by all asset types.


    Deep Zoom image

    • Initial view   defines the level of zoom when the Deep Zoom image is first displayed
    • Show curtain shadows



    Deep Zoom image

    • Allow zoom   lets users zoom the Deep Zoom image
    • Min zoom   defines the minimum zoom percentage for the Deep Zoom image
    • Max zoom   defines the maximum zoom percentage for the Deep Zoom image



    See Triggers Overview to get details of common triggers shared by all assets or collections

    • Viewport is changed: Raised when the viewport has been changed. This trigger raises the following parameters:
      • Height
      • Width
      • X
      • Y



    See Actions Overview to get details of common actions shared by all assets or collections

    • Set viewport: Set viewport using the center coordinate and size.
      • Top left point, x coordinate
      • Top left point, y coordinate
      • Width
      • Height
    • Change Deep Zoom Image: Replace current content with new content located at a specified URI.
      • Deep Zoom Image: the new content to display.