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Audio Asset


    IntuiFace Composer & Player for Windows can embed any sound file format supported by Windows Media Player, including:

    • .wma
    • .mp3
    • .wav
    • .cda
    • .aif
    • .aifc
    • .aiff
    • .mid

    IntuiFace Player for Kiosks / Tablets, including iPads & Android devices, only support the .mp3 audio format.

    Properties, Triggers & Actions


    See our list of common properties for details about properties shared by all asset types.


    • Show timeline: allows the user to change control the track bar of the audio asset
    • Show sound control: allows to adjust the volume of this audio asset while playing



    • Autoplay   play the audio automatically as soon as the space on which it is displayed becomes active
    • Autoplay on rewind   restart audio playback automatically when it is rewound
    • Play loop   play the audio in a loop
    • Pause when hidden   pause the audio when it is not visible
    • Volume   sets the volume of the audio
    • Speed   sets the audio playback speed

    NOTE: Short sounds (around 1 second or less) may not play correctly, especially if played multiple times. This may prevent, for example, the ability to associate "click" sounds with buttons.



    See Triggers Overview to get details of common triggers shared by all assets or collections

    • Ends: Raised when end of the audio has been reached.
    • Is paused: Raised when the audio has been paused.
    • Is rewound: Raised when the audio has been rewound.
    • Loops: Raised when the audio has looped.
    • Reaches time: Raised when the timestamp specified has been reached
      • Time: Time to reach.
    • Starts to play: Raised when the audio begins to play.
    • Time changes: Raised when the time has changed. This trigger raises the following parameter:
      • Time: Time that has been reached.
    • Timeline is moved: Raised when the timeline has been moved by the user.
    • Volume is changed: Raised when the volume has been changed. This trigger raises the following parameters:
      • New value
      • Old value



    See Actions Overview to get details of common actions shared by all assets or collections

    • Pause: Pause the audio.
    • Play: Play the audio.
    • Rewind: Rewind the audio to the beginning.
    • Set timeline: Set a playback position on the timeline. -**Position**: the position to reach.
    • Set volume: Set volume of the audio. -**Volume**: the new volume value.
    • Stop: Stop the audio.
    • Turn Autoplay mode off: Turns off the audio's auto-play.
    • Turn Autoplay mode on: Turns on the audio's auto-play.
    • Change audio: Replace the current content with new content located at a specified URI.
      • Audio: the new content to play.
    • Turn Loop mode off: Turn Loop mode off.
    • Turn Loop mode on: Turn Loop mode on.