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Sequences help you to organize your spaces in the Scenes List panel of Composer. Sequences are not visible to your audience at runtime, they are just an additional tool to help you manage your experience designs. Uses include:

  • grouping scenes by common themes
  • improving legibility for collaborators

Creating a sequence

To create a sequence in the Scenes List panel right-click any existing scene or sequence in the Scenes List panel and select the option "Add a sequence".


Editing a sequence

Sequences can contain scenes and other sequences. Use drag-and-drop to add a preexisting space or sequence to a target sequence. You can also use drag-and-drop to reorder items inside a sequence.

Right-click a sequence to add new scenes or nested sequences.

Using sequences - An example

These sequences are used in the Slideshow Presentation 2 template, available in Composer.

It uses 3 sequences, each composed of 3 spaces.


For more information about how to organize your experience, check this article