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Composer and Player

IntuiFace enables you to create cutting edge, gorgeous, highly functional interactive experiences for an unlimited range of devices, from touch displays to input tag devices like RFID and NFC readers to connected objects like the Philips hue lightbulb.

For a look at how an IntuiFace project is structured on your file system, see this article.
For a look at how deployment of an IntuiFace project works, see this article.

IntuiFace consists of two separate tools:

IntuiFace Composer

IntuiFace Composer is the authoring tool you use to create your interactive experiences.

With the Composer you can design all aspects of your experience:

At every stage in the design process you can run your experience to see the effect of your latest modifications. This is possible because Composer embeds a (free) version of Player

Use of Composer on a Windows PC with a touch display - technical specs are here - is not necessary. Your mouse acts like a single finger.
There is no limit to the number of experiences you can create with IntuiFace Composer.

IntuiFace Player

IntuiFace Player is the tool used to run the experiences you create with Composer. Player can be used on Windows PCs and tablets, the iPad, Android tablets and the Samsung SSP. (Technical specs are here). On Windows, Player has a smaller resource footprint than Composer, making it preferable for installation on the devices you will use "in the field" on your kiosks, interactive displays, etc.

You will need a licence for each PC or tablet on which Player is used but there is no limit to how many experiences a Player can run, one at a time.


  • Player can only run experiences created using Composer Essential, Premier and Enterprise. Composer Free experiences cannot be run by Player.
  • As mentioned above, all editions of Composer include an embedded version of Player so you can test your work. This version of Player does not need to be licensed. It is built directly into Composer.